Thursday, 18 August 2011

Passionate about life and its meaning

This week alone I have lived emotions about the passing of an aunt and the birth of my niece. What mixed emotions...
Everybody goes through phases of life when you ask yourself 'Why' or 'why me' - Which often leads to the fundamental question  :what is the meaning of life?! What is the point of all this. Through my experiences and research, I have found that the answer is: ' to experience life'. No matter what happens good or bad it is meant for us to learn from it and grow as individuals. We all have such different paths and different backgrounds, upbringing ect, that every experience is different to all. We can go through the same experience as someone else and learn different things. That is why I think communicating and sharing can help all parties involved. As much as we were born alone and will die alone, we do not need to go through life 'feeling' like we are alone. Sharing can bring such peace and a sense of calmness. If we keep asking 'why, why why' we are blocking the knowledge that comes with it. It does not make us insensitive to 'get over things' it makes us humans and it makes us become stronger. We are meant to live 'through' things, learn, and go on. I know it may sound harsh, and I'm sure almost impossible for certain events...but I really think that sharing can help heal. And once we heal, we learn a lesson, it feels even better to help others that are going through it. That right there, is a purpose. We unfortunately don't learn as much from positive experiences as we do from hard ones...the biggest hurdles are the biggest teachers.
As I went through a very hard time in my life years ago a book really helped me 'Soul's Perfection' Here are a few passages:

  • ' To perfect one's soul is simply to survive life. That is the ultimate: to be able to keep standing and make it through to the end, regardless of how hard you're hit'
  • ' ... go about your daily work giving, caring and spreading YOUR truth'
  • ' All the calumny and profaneness that you have to endure, all the battering you have to go through-I promise you that all of it adds to your soul's perfection'
  • ' You must try to love everyone's soul and wish them the best. But you certainly don't have to like their behavior or actions'
  • ' Don't move upstream. Let the steam carry you.'
  • ' Most of your problems arise because you push against life instead of going with it'
  • ' No one can victimize someone who refuses to be a victim'
  • ' The more stable your soul and the more lives you've lived, the more you'll feel that nothing is more important than finding your purpose'
  • 'With knowledge comes understanding'
  • ' Everyone has had a temper and has been critical, mean, and vengeful. Now, work on these things-they seem small, but they're very large because they define the essence of you'
  • 'Seek for the truth within your own soul about your own rules for living, your own way of life, and what's right for YOU'
  • 'Our faith in ourselves is tested constantly'
  • ' I don't want you wimping around-if somebody does something to you, speak up. Have dignity.'

Yes, this book was written by a psychic, yes I was hesitant. But I read it and it spoke to me, it resonated with what I think and what I believe. It basically saved me. I truly hope you give it a try and read it : Soul's perfection' by Sylvia Brown. Never judge a book by its cover...

* a Special thank you to E.W. who introduced me to the book and helped me get back my spirituality - you were a beacon of light during those difficult dark years for me.

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