Thursday, 11 August 2011


I notice that alot of people I look up to who are following their passions are really successful, here are a few

Cesar Milan - the Dog whisperer
He is so passionate about dogs and understanding them! He started off as a dog groomer a long time ago and always believed he would become the best dong trainer in the world - and he is! If you are unfamiliar with his work, his show is called 'the dog whisperer' and airs on National Geographic channel.

Ellen Degeneres
Unless you are living under a rock you know who she is! To me, she is a great example of doing what you love, having fun and doing good for other people. She is 'real' and very sensitive to any subjects that have to do with animals, people struggling, survivors and talented people. She makes people laugh everyday and spreads joy where ever she goes! As she says at the end of her show 'Be kind to one another'

Dave Chapelle
My all time favorite Stand-up comedian. So intelligent and funny. Bringing his own spin to abolish racism. It's truly a shame that the industry got to him, to me it only proves he is very honest with his values... He always new he wanted to be a comedian and never lost sight of who he was and what he wants. 'Can't wait to see you on TV again Dave!'

There are many other people...the rest is to come :-)

...which people do you know that are living their passion fully?!

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  1. Great post! It's so refreshing! And thanks for the links - i had real fun watching Ellen DeGeneres:)