Monday, 15 August 2011

My passion - animals

Another passion of mine has always been animals, wild and domesticated. From organizing frog races when I was little to dreaming about having a horse, I have always been attracted to their behaviour, instinct and beauty. I have a dog, a beautiful black lab (she lives with my parents though because they have much more space for her) she is so smart and affectionate!
Here she is having a little treat...shhh don't tell ;-)

My neighbour and I recently started taking care of a cute little stray cat - I have never been a cat person (because of allergies mainly) but this one really needed help. He was so skiddish at first but now he comes almost everyday to meet us in the parking lot and comes for affection as well as food (so we like to believe;-)

 One of my goals in life has always been to own a horse, their strength, beauty and personality is so magnetic. I once tried to get a job as a guide on ranch, and even if I had absolutely no training and had been horseback riding only a few times a summer, I basically didn't get the job because I couldn't get the horse to back up ;-( I am convinced my life would be different had I gone that way with my life - but heh, everythings happens for  a reason!

This picture I took at a Rodeo in Ange-Gardien Qc.

I got a calendar with all pictures from this artist Bev Dolittle - absolutely amazing!!

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