Friday, 12 August 2011

Finding positive in everyday life.

Needless to say that to find our passion is a positive experience - therefore seeing the positive in everyday life is essential. I notice that when I make a conscious effort to see positive, not only to I see it but I find myself spreading it even more than usual. For example, I had to go get blood samples done today - I hate needles but I decided to make positive somehow someway. First of all I enjoyed the walk there it was nice and sunny. Then I really appreciated that there was absolutely NO lineup! weird...! I sit in the chair waiting for the nurse and right there in front of me a cute little poster stating all various ways to find happiness (eat a mango while naked, follow a child for a day (I assume yours...because it could lead to trouble!) send yourself a love letter, sit upside down etc...) As the nurse came to suck blood out of my arm....I mean gently remove the liquid that keeps me alive...I was standing trying to take a picture of that poster; she thought it was nice and said sure go ahead! she waited a few seconds for me. I told her I wasent the number one fan of needles she said 'don't worry just focus on trying to find 'Two snails making love on the poster'! I actually didnt have time to find before it was done! Plus I got a compliment on my bracelet, what a nice lady. As I was walking out of the building, I saw a beautiful painting on the wall, I take out my BBM to take a picture and coincidentally a older gentleman was standing next to it (trying to make a call from a payphone) he thought I was trying to take a picture of him! I immediately said 'Nice painting' he smile with reassurance and relief and with a thick accent said 'Oh yes beautiful painting' flashed him a big smile and was on my way. turns out wanting positive ends up giving you positive. Let's spread it! 


  1. I am not a fan of needles either, but then a good friend of mine reminded me that they are a miracle of science (!!!) and that millions of people are alive today because of that miracle. Now every time I need to get a needle I try to focus on that and I find that it really helps!

  2. Well it's good to know that it helps! We all need our little tricks:-)