Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Best beauty products - part ONE

Alright so I have probably tried all the makeup, creams, shampoo etc. that exists. Therefore I have lost alot of money on products that are either falsely advertised or I have found little gems at small or high prices...

I always research products, check out reviews before buying; sometimes it helps, sometimes it dosent. So here is my personal feedback on some beauty products - your comments are welcomed!

Facewash: I found this facewash, really good and affordable.
* tip: I used to splash water on my face then wash - I got much better results washing with a facecloth (gently) then using facewash - it takes all the makeup away

Moisturizer: Finding a great moiturizer is cucial and hard! Here are my 3 favorites. Lanome Bienfait multivital; it has great texture, spf, but, of course, it expensive (around 60$ for a small bottle)

I really love this cream! But OF COURSE, they disontinued it and replaced it wih a similar version that is more a gel and mattifying. WHY, oh WHY do my favorite products get discontinued!!

* I am currently trying out a new moisturizer (since Marcelle let me down) this one is from Garnier Nutritionist - I will review it in a next post!

STILL TO COME : Concealer, Mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipbalms, wax, and much more!


  1. It's nice to know! I'm already using Marcelle cream by your recommendation and liking it a lot!:)

  2. Thanks a lot for providing me information about best beauty products.