Thursday, 10 November 2011

Don't silence the signing Bus Driver!

The siging Bus Driver is a legend in Ottawa. He addressess the passengers as ladies and gentlemen and makes everybody's day brighter! But as in many things in life some people constently get out of bed on the wrong side and seem to want to either spread negativity or make others miserable... the mayor of Ottawa received a "series of complaints' (which is a big total of 12 complaints...)  and decided to silence the legend because condoning his behavior would apparently create a 'free-for-all' on the bus....C'mon mayor are you serious!

Lucky for us the signing bus driver, Yves Roy, applies his positivity to his entire life, here are his thoughts on the matter:

“I was shocked that they hadn’t told me yet. They had people who want peace and quiet, some say I scream, that I can’t keep a tune. But I have many commendations that came at the same time and lots of verbal compliments of people who tell me to keep it up, pat me on the shoulder, and tell me I made their day.”

 Thank you Yves for your beautiful tunes and gracious smile - just knowing there are people like you in this world is a ray of sunshine by itself! Another great example of passionate people ;-)

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