Saturday, 1 October 2011

Curious about a vase ;-)

As an artist and art lover, this vase really pricked my curiosity! It was my late grandmother's and since my grampa sold the house not too long ago, they emptied the house and my mom knew I would love it (she knows me best!)
So as I am looking at all the details, I notice an etching under ' India 234-J' its all marked in little dots. There is also another marking that says '11-30' also in dots but these are much smaller lighter nad tighter litttle dots. I started researching and found out that they are called 'maker's marking'. I tried to find out who and when the making are but it didn't lead very far - I think I would have to consult a maker's list of some sorts...anyways, here are pics for this beautiful piece of art!

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